A visit to Bühler company

On March 15, we decided to bring the American exchange students with us to visit the Bühler factory. Firstly, we were welcomed with a skillful presentation in English. It introduced us to the various things that Bühler is capable of producing, its history, and many other facts. The presentation was concluded with witty comments about the representatives and their whole team.

After that, we were briskly divided into three groups, with only one being for English speakers. The guide took us around the whole area, told us about the intriguing functions of their robots, and even had a chat with us about the importance of safety vests – Braden ended up wearing three of them at once. We could see the robots in motion with explanations of what they do and why. In the end, we were surprised by the employees with DIY metal dice that we could take home. All in all, the visit was a fun touch to our daily school life.

Tereza Andrová, Martina Dudková